Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Paintings!!!!

I love painting and these are my latest oil and acrylic paintings! I did my very first portrait of my niece Presley. I thought I did pretty well for my first one!


Here are some designs out of the book I love to bake out of! These are made out of twinkies, M&M's, tootsie rolls, and melted chocolate chips! Artsy stuff brings me such happiness! It calms me and helps me relax! If anyone needs cupcakes made let me know!

Moving To Rexburg Idaho

Shaun and me were debating on if we should stay in Oregon to finish school or go to a church school. We looked at our pros and cons and decided that we are going to move to Rexburg Idaho to finish school at Brigham Young University. We are very excited for this chapter in our lives but will miss our family in Oregon. Shaun has been telling me really fun stories of all the activities to do there and how much fun it will be to snuggle up to one another in the cold weather and eat soup and hot chocolate. We were having a hard time finding housing in Rexburg. We would look on Craigslist and the school board to see if we could find anything. After about a month and a half of looking we finally found a GREAT and CHEAP deal. We will be paying under four hundred dollars for a two bedroom mobile home that is being updated with new carpet, windows, paint, flooring, and piping. We are so happy and blessed for this wonderful find. The Lord really does bless you if you follow the commandments and pay your tithing! I have a better testimony of that. Wish us luck!!!! Love you all!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Be-Lated Valentines Getaway!

Shaun surprised me with a Valentines weekend at a resort in Newport Oregon, at the Hallmark Inn and Suites It was one of the most fun weekends I have ever had. He is an amazing husband and I couldn't of caught myself a better fish! We visited a few places while on our trip. We went to Georgie's restaurant and Shaun had cod fish and chips while I had fettuccine Alfredo. The room had two flat screen TVs, with a DVD player, jacuzzi that can fit two, a king bed, dishwasher(with all the plates, cups, and silverware),a fridge that was a good size, a oceanfront view and to top it off a fireplace! It was very romantic and very relaxing.

My New Hobby!!!

This is my new hobby! I love being artsy and having fun. I have developed a talent and hobby while I am at home while my Hubby is at work. I made these last night. Little baby chicks!!!! I hope to maybe start at in home business to bring in more income while having so much fun!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Blog

I have never been good about keeping myself updated on new and hip things. I always seem to be the last one to try something new. Like a blog. This is totally new to me. But, I cant wait to see how me and my blog get along. I am not a good writer and I do apologize now if my post's seem a little off or weird. Anywho, right at this very moment, I am on my bed waiting for my handsome, soon to be husband, to call me. In the meantime, I wanted to find a cute template for my blog, and ended up finding a cute one that will definitely be temporary. It's cute, but I tend to change multiple things often. Such as songs, myspace backgrounds, my facebook status, my screensaver, my hair, and clothes. But i guess that just comes with being a girl. Well at least I know that's true for some girls. Well I have nothing more to say. Kinda dumb to have a short first blog....but let me tell ya I'm sure they'll get longer and better as the days go on.